ULEZ Preparation

LoCITY has been created to prepare people for the introduction of Ultra Low Emission Zones, the training is applicable to all industry sectors and aims to help drivers reduce the environmental impact of their vans and HGV's.

New Driver CPC Content

LoCITY training provides drivers with an opportunity to complete a new innovative cpc module, new content provides a great way of keeping drivers engaged and developing while completing their periodic CPC training.

Environmental Change

LoCITY aims to improve the air quality in London and other urban areas to reduce the amount of air pollution related deaths. The programme and training is designed to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as raising awareness of alternative fuel types people can use.

LoCITY Driver Training

As London and other urbanised areas continues to grow so does the level of everyday road congestion which directly contributes to the current air pollution problem we are facing, rapid urbanisation has meant that commercial vehicle operators within London are more responsible for this problem than ever before. Recent statistics have revealed that more than 281,000 daily journeys are freight carried out by either vans or HGV’s, accounting for 30% of the daily traffic in Central London. Transport accounts for the majority of the two major concerning emissions in London; 63% of the nitrogen dioxide and 52% of the particle matter emissions, signalling the importance of the LoCITY programme and reducing transport related emissions.

All of these statistics relate to the growing air pollution issue in urban areas which has a huge impact on public health with around 9,500 air pollution related deaths every year in London alone, indicating the seriousness of the issue that LoCITY has been pioneered to encounter.

The LoCITY programme aims to confront some of the issues that commercial vehicle operators are facing. The wider scheme helps companies by providing them with information about which low emission vehicle would be suited to their needs, as well as increasing the supply and uptake of low emission commercial vehicles and associated infrastructure such as accessible charging points, ultimately aiming to make the transition simpler for commercial vehicle operators.

The LoCITY training course is solely classroom based and is an accredited Driver CPC module as well as being approved by FORS. LoCITY course content is designed to raise drivers awareness of the current environmental situation and the impact that their vehicle has on the poor air quality, as well as how they can help to make a difference with long term behavioural change. The content covered engages drivers to consider their driving techniques, ways of improving their overall performance and other key ULEZ related information such as alternative fuel types.

We offer LoCITY as a fully accredited Driver CPC training course and deliver training at a location chosen by you. We currently deliver all of our training courses throughout the United Kingdom and can come to you no matter where you are based, our current customer base includes delivering courses to locations such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and London.


Book Seven LoCITY Training

If you are interested in booking an accredited Driver CPC LoCITY training course for your drivers please contact us. Seven Training have been delivering bespoke Driver CPC training courses to businesses since 2009, we can meet a range of individual needs such as:

  • Large booking - we align courses to match your driver requirements
  • Locational requirements - we will come to you, no matter where you are based
  • Operational requirements - we schedule courses to work around your individual workplace calendar
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Seven Bespoke LoCITY Driver CPC Training

We deliver LoCITY training courses to businesses throughout the United Kingdom allowing them to receive their training at a location convenient to them. Our training capability has been developed over a number of years delivering courses to repeat customers in locations such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. Enabling our customers to receive their training at a location convenient to them with minimal disruption to their working operations is a key part of our training offering, we want to make your training experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We can provide a fully bespoke LoCITY training package to suit your individual business needs. We will tailor every aspect of training to work around your requirements including the date of training, location of training and time of training to maximise the number of drivers available for the course. As long as you can provide a suitable training environment we will deliver the training at your office, no matter where you are based!

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