Why are clean air zones important? Beijing case study…

Throughout the United Kingdom we have some areas which are becoming increasingly polluted as a result of rapid urbanisation in recent years, other areas around the world have already encountered these issues with Beijing having their own ‘airmageddon’ causing around 350,000 – 500,000 people to die early each year. The United Kingdom is yet to see this kind of crisis but it is important that we take relevant action now to stop air pollution from reaching that level.

The people of Beijing have been wearing face masks to stop the level of toxic air they inhale for a number of years, in recent times though these have changed from paper masks to full heavy-duty purifying masks. The air pollution situation has affected their everyday lifestyle, normal things that we would do without even considering it have now become difficult for them to do. Children are unable to go outside and play with their friends in the streets, PE classes have to take place within an airlocked inflatable dome and sometimes a red flag is raised above the school to warn people the school is closed because of the air situation. As well as this adults sometimes have to miss work to stay away from the toxic conditions outside, instead staying in sealed locations to avoid the poisonous atmosphere and smog.

One of the solutions that the United Kingdom has opted for to reduce the likelihood of us reaching these extreme levels of air pollution are clean air zones, these will be introduced in major cities as one part of the governments broader air quality plan. Clean air zones are described as areas which have been enforced to improve the level of air quality. The biggest impact as a result of these changes will be on operators of buses, taxis and HGV’s that travel considerable miles on a regular weekly basis in urban zones, as these vehicles are direct sources of the pollution problem clean air zones aim to provide a solution at source. Highlighting why direct action has had to be taken, The Royal College of Physicians and of Paediatrics and Child Health estimates that 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK are linked to poor air quality.

We are now proud to be able to offer LoCity driver cpc training courses. A LoCity training course informs all delegates about the upcoming changes that are set to be introduced with clean air zones and Ultra Low Emission Zones. The content is all aimed around improving efficiency within a fleet of vehicles and informing drivers about how they can make a difference by changing habits. As well as this they will also be introduced to alternative fuel types that could be introduced over the next couple of years, allowing then to gain an insight about what their future clean air zone compliant vehicles could be.

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