The widespread introduction of clean air zones…

Starting in 2019 we will see the introduction of clean air zones across multiple towns and cities in the United Kingdom, the initiative is targeted at areas that have the worst pollution levels and aims to reduce the amount of toxic air that we are creating with the use of vehicles. So what affect will clean air zones have on our everyday lives?

As a result of the clean air zones if you enter an area that has imposed a clear air zone with a non-compliant vehicle you face a minimum £10 charge per day, these charges will be universal for cars as well as vans and HGV’s. Any company looking to avoid these charges will have to make sure that they run the correct vehicles within their fleet, if you run any older vehicles that are not either Euro 6 standard or electrical you could be at risk of paying these charges which would result in huge costs for your business.

Many operators of HGV’s or vans within these areas will need to update their fleet as the daily charges will be unsustainable long term, this means potentially losing a considerable amount of money as non-compliant vehicles will be harder to sell. One alternative solution is to move the non-compliant vehicles to areas that do not have clean air zones imposed, allowing the branches operating within clean air zones to purchase compliant vehicles.

There are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered with the introduction of clean air zones and how they will affect businesses. Will our hospitals and shops within clean air zones be unable to get their supplies delivered as regularly as a result of these new clean air zones? Companies that are unable to update their fleet may decide that they can no longer operate in certain areas leaving a shortage of delivery vehicles compared to the demand. Furthermore, how will these problems be dealt with? Will there be a grant issued to make the transition simpler for companies, we will have to wait and see.

Areas that we could see clean air zones introduced in include:
• London
• Manchester
• Birmingham
• Bristol
• Bath
• Derby
• Sheffield
• Leeds
• Oxford
• Southampton
• Glasgow
• Cardiff
• Edinburgh
• Reading
• Aberdeen
• Warrington

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