About Seven Training


Seven Training originally started delivering training courses in 2009 as a sub-division of Seven Asset Management, known then as Seven Driver Training we only offered driver training services to our existing fleet customers at Seven Asset Management. Our origins led us to delivering over 1,600 driver cpc courses to over 12,800 delegates gaining positive clear audits from accrediting bodies throughout. We have continuously looked to expand our training offering to provide our customers with the 'full package' service, seeking approval to deliver all the latest driver cpc modules and gaining other accreditations such as Qualsafe where possible. The expansion of our product offering meant we decided to transition our brand name to Seven Training as we are now capable of offering far more than just driver training courses. Throughout this expansion we have maintained one core principle which is to deliver enjoyable and engaging training for all of our delegates that is more than just a box ticking exercise.

Seven Asset Management were founded in 1997 and provided the foundation for Seven Training to grow. Since their inception Seven Asset Management have gained a wide scope of customers operating in various markets throughout the United Kingdom, this has led them to currently managing over 2000 commercial vehicles. All of these customers depend on Seven Asset Management to keep their fleet compliant and on the road, as well as benefiting from the supporting services that Seven can offer such as training.

Seven Asset Management want to provide all of their customers with the very best service in the commercial vehicle industry, managing customers budgets and challenging every pound of cost to ensure the best whole life cost of every vehicle.

Seven Group


Seven began trading in 1997, our origins as a commercial fleet operator lead us to supplying an array of vehicles to a wide scope of customers. During the 20 years we have been operating we have expanded into numerous markets including Seven Refrigeration, Seven Property, Seven Telematics, Seven Lincs, Seven Used Trucks and Seven Training. No matter which market we expanded into the core principle of Seven stayed the same, delivering exceptional customer service. Today this principle continues to differentiate us from the crowd, as we deliver an unrivalled standard of service to our customers.

FORS Accreditation

Through the Seven Group we are able to offer a complete service to help you gain your FORS accreditation. Our range of companies mean we can retrofit your vehicles and make sure they are FORS compliant, providing and fitting all the necessary equipment such as cameras, Fresnel lenses and more. As well as this we can deliver vulnerable road user training, whether you would prefer to have safe urban driving or van smart training we can deliver it for you.