LoCITY Training Information

ULEZ Preparation

LoCITY training helps to get your drivers prepared for Ultra Low Emission Zones and the upcoming changes, these are being introduced from 2020 and will have a massive effect on all businesses that operate within them.

Environmental Change

LoCITY has been established to help reduce the air pollution problem in England. Commercial vehicle emissions are a large part of the problem, completing LoCITY training can help you make a real difference.

Increase Fleet Efficiency

The course content is designed to inform drivers about the effect their vehicles have on the environment, as well as discussing ways to make their vehicles more efficient such simple journey planning.


The LoCITY training course is a classroom based driver cpc module which has been approved by Jaupt and contributes 7 hours towards the periodic driver cpc requirement. Driver cpc training has been a national requirement for all HGV drivers since being introduced in 2009, LoCITY enables your drivers to get prepared for the introduction of Ultra Low Emission Zones while also completing a new engaging driver cpc training course. We want to ensure everyone enjoys their driver cpc training and gains something from the day, this course is a great opportunity to educate drivers on factors that will influence how they operate on a daily basis from 2020.

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LoCITY Course Content Includes:

The LoCITY training course is designed to engage with drivers and raise their awareness of the current transport related issues associated with Ultra Low Emission Zones.

  • Air quality and fuel efficiency.
  • How vehicle checks and maintenance can help reduce emissions.
  • Fuel-efficient driving techniques.
  • The benefits of journey planning.
  • How to use in-vehicle technology to improve driving performance.
  • Alternative Fuels in commercial vehicle fleets.

When you book a LoCITY training course with Seven you will be receiving training from an experienced company, we have been delivering a wide variety of driver cpc modules throughout the United Kingdom for nearly 10 years. LoCITY is a new driver cpc course that addresses the upcoming changes surrounding Ultra Low Emission Zones in urbanised areas. Seven Training are proud to be able to offer LoCITY training and offer it nationwide at your office or a location chosen by you, enabling your company to receive the latest driver cpc module with the same convenience that we have been offering our customers since 2009.

We are a fully accredited training provider and consistently receive positive clear audits about our training courses from accrediting bodies such as Jaupt, FORS and Qualsafe. No matter what course we deliver the same high standards are always maintained, providing all delegates with an enjoyable and engaging training experience.

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